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Sign in Hidden fields Patents In a shutter arrangement, at least the surface facing the incident sunlight of each of the slats is designed to absorb the sunlight, and a heat transfer medium can flow through each of the slats. By passing a cooling medium, heating medium or medium suitably temperature-controlled for collector operation.

In a shutter arrangement, at least the surface facing the incident sunlight of each of the slats is designed to absorb the sunlight, and a heat transfer medium can flow through each of the slats.

By passing a cooling medium, heating medium or medium suitably temperature-controlled for collector operation through the slats, the shutter arrangement according to the invention can be used as a heating or cooling installation worm ähnelt einem seed as a solar energy collector.

The particularly thin-walled metal slat is formed by a tube disposed in the swivel axis of the slat and a slat blade arranged on the said tube. The mountings and end lines of these slat arrangements are of a modular design, able to be fitted together from individual parts, in order to enable a handyman or layman to instal the shutter arrangement effortlessly.

Zur Halterung dieser Profile sind Zaunpfosten vorgesehen, an welchen eine Aufhängung befestigt ist, in die der zwei miteinander fluchtende Profile verbindende Rohrstutzen eingehängt ist. To support these profiles are provided fence posts, to which a suspension is attached, in which the two aligned profiles connecting pipe socket is mounted.

Im übrigen sind Anschlagbleche vorgesehen, die am Zaunpfosten befestigt sind und unmittelbar gegen die Profile anliegen Fig. For the worm ähnelt einem seed, the stop plates are provided, which are fixed to the fence post and directly abut against the profiles Fig.

Obviously, these are non-pivotably otherwise. The fortified in the suspension of the fence post tube connector is "elastic". Die eine Oberfläche der Hohllamellen ist mit Isoliermaterial beschichtet.

The one surface of hollow slats is coated with insulating material. Die Hohllamellen sind in Innenräumen von Gebäuden angebracht. The hollow blades are mounted in the interiors of buildings. Further, the non-coated with insulating surfaces of the slats may be oriented so that they are transverse to the incident sunlight are substantially in order to use this as well read article possible.

Gleichzeitig verhindert das raumwärts gelegene Isoliermaterial die Abstrahlung von Wärme in den Raum hinein. At the same time, the ward here located inside insulation prevents the radiation of heat into the room. The slats can be pivoted so that the coated surfaces with insulating material facing outward. Finally, it is in the document also discloses that the hollow fins are traversed by a heating medium in that position.

Wie das Ausführungsbeispiel zeigt, sind worm ähnelt einem seed Lamellen im Inneren eines Gebäudes angeordnet. As the exemplary embodiment shown, these fins are arranged in the interior of a building. The slats on both sides ends in a pipe socket, wherein the pipe sockets of two adjacent lamellae are each inserted in a hollow retaining socket with sealing by sealing rings, which in turn is attachable to a building solid profile.

The installation outside of buildings is also disclosed. The plug connection of the lamellae increases by heat changes to conditional changes in length of the slats, but uses this, a sliding seal ring which is subjected to wear and may leak. Diese Leitung durchdringt die beiderseits der Lamellen angeordneten, hohlen Lagerzapfen und ist unmittelbar an eine gemeinsame Vor- bzw. This line passes through the arranged on both sides of the slats, hollow trunnions and is directly connected to a common forward or return line.

Beim Verschwenken der Lamelle wird die den Lagerzapfen durchdringende Worm ähnelt einem seed verdrillt. When pivoting the blade to the bearing pin penetrating line is twisted. Although the actual interior of the blade is not altogether filled with heat exchange medium, but is shown in FIG. Das Gewicht dieser Lamelle ist entsprechend hoch. The weight of this blade is correspondingly high. Furthermore, it may inside the lamella to a certain "greenhouse effect" because the interior to one side insulated and is finished to the other side by a glass plate.

Diese Schwenklamellen sind jedoch nich für den Wärmeaustausch eingerichtet. This pivoting slats are however set nich for heat exchange. The slats are not only pivotal, but also transversely displaceable to its pivot direction and nestable. In order to form a closed roof surface as possible, engage behind one another, the slats in their horizontal pivoting position, wherein the one longitudinal edge of the slats as a gutter and the other as the rain gutter of the adjacent lamella cross worm ähnelt einem seed is formed.

Since this shelter has no means for heat exchange, the subject of this document is generic worm ähnelt einem seed after this-worldly belief. Im übrigen ist wegen des komplizierten Antriebes, der die Lamellen sowohl verschwenkt als auch verschiebt, die Übertragung auf von Wärmeaustauscherflüssigkeit durchströmte Schwenklamellen nicht denkbar, da nicht erkennbar ist, auf welche Weise die einzelnen Lamellen ohne Behinderung ihrer Bewegung an einen Umlauf für Wärmeaustauschmedium angeschlossen werden könnten.

Hierbei ist in einem länglichen Kunststoff-Hohlkörper mit im wesentlichen linsenförmigem Querschnitt ein leistenförmiger Sonnenenergiekollektor angebracht, der aus schwarzem Material worm ähnelt einem seed, hohl ist und sich über die gesamte Länge und Breite der Lamelle erstreckt.

Here, in an elongated hollow plastic body having a substantially lenticular cross-section, a strip-shaped solar collector is mounted, which is made of black material, is hollow and extends over the entire length and width of the lamella. Die dem Sonnenlicht zugewandte Fläche der Lamelle ist transparent und kann zum Erzielen des "Treibhauseffektes" wie ein Doppelfenster doppelwandig ausgeführt sein. The sunlight-facing surface of the lamella is transparent and can be designed with a double to achieve the "greenhouse effect" as a double window.

Worm ähnelt einem seed interior of the solar energy collector, although divided into individual longitudinal compartments, but these are all flows through the heat exchange liquid. As shown in FIG. For holding and clamping of these extrusions are arranged between the horizontally extending tubes which are enclosed by the adjacent extrusions in part, with the closest worm ähnelt einem seed investment is sought, but no welding, soldering or the like is made.

Diese Rohre können vom Wärmeaustauschmedium durchflossen sein. These tubes can be drained by the heat exchange medium. Moreover, the entire system is stationary, ie, the extrusions are fixedly mounted on worm ähnelt einem seed roof and can be pivoted under any circumstances. The extrusions may be made of plastic. Taking these dimensions into account and assumes you that such a roof panel forming extrusion is heated by the sun, then is clearly seen that the largest part of the collected amount of heat emitted by radiation and convection to the environment, as a result the small wall thickness and heat transport across the extrusions and in this way to the holding tubes is dem mit kommen Kot Foto Würmer, die low compared to the extraordinarily high latitudes.

Furthermore, it is questionable whether this document is a heat exchange, which consists of pivoting, the heat exchange medium flowing through La mal still genus close.

Um einen Ausgleich zu dem zwangsläufig hohen Gewicht zu erreichen, sind die meisten Ausführung aus Kunststoff. In order to achieve a balance to the necessarily high weight, most embodiments of plastic. The known worm ähnelt einem seed are in particular because of the weight thus not generally suitable for retrofitting a building, because the heavy weight of the blind arrangements require special just click for source arrangements that should probably not be specified in already existing buildings in general.

In addition, there is the further disadvantage that the high weight of the slats difficult to seal in the pivot mountings. In addition, the heat exchanger formed jointly by all lamellae very worm ähnelt einem seed, or from water, heat exchange medium wetted on wall surface, thereby completely inherent risk of leakage and leakage points is increased.

Dies gilt besonders bei der Verwendung von Kunststoff, der - der Sonneneinstrahlung ausgesetzt - durchaus nicht in jedem Falle alterungsbeständig ist.

Worm ähnelt einem seed is especially true in the use of plastic, the - exposed to solar radiation - by no means in all cases is resistant to aging. Das Abdichten undicht gewordener Lamellen oder Lagerungen, die oft in schwerzugänglicher Höhe angeordnet sind, ist aufwendig. Sealing leaks that have become lamellar or bearings, which are often located in inaccessible height is consuming.

Der Austritt von Wärmeaustauschflüssigkeit kann überdies, wenn er nicht rechtzeitig bemerkt wird, zu beträchtlichen Gebäudeschäden führen. The escape of heat exchange fluid may also, if it is not detected in time, lead to considerable damage to buildings.

In addition, because of the sensitivity of worm ähnelt einem seed weather plastics are some of worm ähnelt einem seed slats of the prior art can not be used outside buildings. An essential feature of the lamella core according to the invention is the use of a single, centrally through the central pipe worm ähnelt einem seed a relatively small cross-section as a flow channel for the heat exchange medium.

On both sides of the center pipe is connected to this a lamellar wings whose width and thickness is dimensioned so that in its interior takes place a sufficient heat conduction to the central tube back. As tests have shown, the temperature is at the same throughput of heat exchange medium in the lamella according to the invention is only slightly below that of a lamella of the same size from the prior art.

But the learn more here of the present invention is extremely stable, due to the central arrangement of the tube easily sealed and has a flow-through interior on with little surface, so that the risk of leakage is greatly reduced.

Due to the low content of heat exchange medium, the total weight of the lamellar arrangement according to the invention is very small compared with known arrangements, so that no special structural measures to support the weight must be taken.

Since, in contrast to the known generic slat at the end and in the middle of the blade according to worm ähnelt einem seed invention is present in each of the unchanged same cross section, it is not necessary to manufacture special fins for before given installation conditions, but it is enough of an existing material solely lamellae of the cut the required length.

The combination of two mutually aligned lamellae at a point location can be done by pressing or learn more here a flexible pipe connector because its load is relatively low due to the low weight of the slats.

Eine Weiterbildung im Sinne der Erfindung war daher dem Fachmann nicht möglich. A further development worm ähnelt einem seed the context of the invention, therefore, was not possible in the art. According to the invention, the solution consists worm ähnelt einem seed that the sunlight worm ähnelt einem seed surface of the individual lamellae, as before, the sunlight reflective, but this is non-absorbent formed.

Die Sonnenlichteinstrahlung wird somit von den Lamellen nicht reflektiert, sondern im Gegenteil aufgenommen. The sunlight is thus not reflected by the blades, but added to the contrary. Zur Ableitung dieser Wärmeenergie weist jede der Lamellen einen ein- oder mehrzweigigen Strömungsmittelkanal auf, der in wärmeleitender Verbindung mit worm ähnelt einem seed das Sonnenlicht absorbierenden Fläche der Lamellen steht.

For visit web page derivation of this heat energy, each of the sipes on a one or mehrzweigigen fluid channel which is in worm ähnelt einem seed conducting connection with the sunlight absorbing surface of the slats.

Preferably, the lamella is formed as einestückig example extruded profile. Es ist aber ebenfalls bevorzugt, die Lamelle zweistückig auszubilden, mit einem Mittelrohr, mit welchem ein Aluminium-Blechband verbunden ist, welches das Mittelrohr mindestens um einen Teil umschlingt, wärmeleitend mit diesem verbunden ist und mit einem abstehenden Seitenstreifen den eigentlichen Lamellenflügel oder die Lamellenflügel bildet.

For thermally conductive compound of the metal strip can be welded to the pipe or worm ähnelt einem seed thermally conductive. Der Blechstreifen ist hierbei entweder vorgeformt und in Längsrichtung auf das Mittelrohr ausgeschoben oder in dessen Radialrichtung auf das Mittelrohr aufgeklemmt oder ist um das Mittelrohr herumgebogen.

The sheet metal strip is bent around in this case either pre-formed and ejected in the longitudinal direction towards the central tube or clamped in its radial direction towards the central tube or to the central tube.

In jedem Fall liegt der Blechstreifen spielfrei und somit flächig gegen das Mittelrohr an und ist vorzugsweise durch eine Vorspannung gegen dieses angedrückt. In any case, the sheet metal strip is free worm ähnelt einem seed play and thus surface contact against the central tube and is preferably urged by a bias against this. Hierbei bildet sich eine ausreichende wärmeleitende Verbindung zwischen dem Blechstreifen und dem Mittelrohr, welche sich auch nach längerer Gebrauchszeit nicht verschlechtert, weil wegen der engen Anlage von Mittelrohr und Blechstreifen das Eindringen von Schmutz in den Berührungsbereich verhindert ist, die Korrosion durch Luft- und Feuchtigkeitseinflüsse wegen der Verwendung von Aluminium ausgeschlossen ist, welches eine dichte, schützende Oxydschicht aufweist, und auch die Korrosion durch elektrische Wirkung ausgeschlossen ist, weil das Mittelrohr und der Blechstreifen aus dem gleichen Material gebildet sind und somit kein elektrisches Element bilden können.

Here, a sufficient heat conductive connection between the metal strip and the center tube, which does not deteriorate even after long use time forms because of the close system of central tube and sheet metal strip the penetration of dirt is prevented in the contact area, the corrosion by air and humidity effects due to is excluded the use of aluminum, which has a dense, protective oxide layer, and the corrosion is excluded by electrical effect because the central tube and the plate strips are formed from the same material and thus can not form an electrical element.

As far as the sheet metal strip only forms a lamellar wings, it can the central tube, whose central axis coincides with the pivoting central worm ähnelt einem seed of the slat, are completely inside.

Preferably, however, the sheet metal strip forming two lamella wing which lie on either side of the central tube in a common plane, but which leigt outside the center axis of the center pipe. Each of the fluid channels of the slats of the blind assembly of the invention is in this case connected to a fluid circuit. The blind arrangement according to the invention can form a worm ähnelt einem seed energy collector to yourself so already, with the individual lamellae with their sunlight-absorbing surface can be aligned as possible transverse to the incident sunlight is always to make use of this.

To the extent, such as in Central Europe, never reached the zenith of the sun, sufficient gaps between the slats are always made to let the daylight. Thus, it is possible to attach the shade assembly of the present invention outside of a translucent roof or wall surface of a building. Worm ähnelt einem seed wird der Innenraum des Gebäudes vor dem einfallenden Sonnenlicht abgeschirmt, während gleichzeitig das Tageslicht Zutritt in das Gebäude findet.

Here, the interior of the building is shielded from the incident sunlight, while the daylight is access into the building. It would in principle be possible to connect the inlet and outlet of the fluid channel of each blade via a hose to the fluid circuit or connection lines.

According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, the serving for rotational support of each blade pivot pins are hollow and form the connecting piece of the fluid channel arrangement of the corresponding blade. Hierbei ist bevorzugt ein einziger, mittig durchgehender Strömungsmittelkanal vorgesehen. Here, a worm ähnelt einem seed, Foto des Parasiten menschlichen continuous fluid channel is preferably provided.

A particular advantage of the invention when mounting the blind assembly in the open is that the click to see more absorbing surface is hardly affected in its efficiency due to fouling, in contrast to a sunlight-reflecting surface.

The blind arrangement according to the invention is thus largely maintenance-free. As a preferred fluid hot water is used. Um eine besonders starke Erwärmung dieses Wassers zu erreichen, ist es vorteilhaft, möglichst einige Worm ähnelt einem seed hintereinander zu schalten. In order to achieve a particularly strong heating of this water, it is advantageous to switch some slats as possible behind the other.

According to one embodiment of the invention, but is when the blind assembly of the invention is to be mounted in the interior of a building of the type mentioned, a particular advantage of the invention that are individually the lamellae or at most in groups connected in parallel to the fluid circuit.

Thus, the individual Präparate Würmer für Kinder warm even in strong sunlight, as he is given approximately in the middle of summer, only relatively insignificant because the absorbed heat is dissipated by the fluid rapidly over the flow worm ähnelt einem seed. One particular advantage of the invention lies in the fact that - depending on the season and weather conditions - is either a hot or cold fluid passed through the slats: in summer at extremely high heat radiation such as very cold water can be pumped through the slats so that the average surface temperature of the entire slats despite the strong sunlight is still below the ambient temperature.

It is thus possible to cool the shade assembly according to the invention the translucent panels which heat up unduly in strong sunlight. Die Würmer die Katze klettern wird auch did Raumluft gekühlt und somit klimatisiert.

At the same time did is air cooled and thus air conditioned. It is also possible, and in the case of such a conservatory advantageous in a closed circuit, possibly involving the shade assembly worm ähnelt einem seed to the invention with a heat pump, by means of which, for example, the thermal energy for hot water supply of Würmer den von Rezept Baby single-family home is recovered.

It is also possible to worm ähnelt einem seed in the cold season, the fins on the heating circuit of a house or pool heating, the lamellae as panel radiators heat up the room air. Hierbei wird ebenfalls die im Winter zwar schwache, aber dennoch merkliche Sonnenlichtenergie genutzt, da sie ebenfalls zum Aufheizen der Lamellen beiträgt.

Повернулась Traum von Würmern zu befreien, although low in winter, but nevertheless appreciable sun light energy is also used, since they also contribute to the heating of the slats. In this case, reduce the temperature gradient between roughing and return of the heating system, so that for the less heating energy must be expended.

Because of the relatively large heating surface also has a relatively low inlet temperature is fully sufficient Wurm Bandwurm that only relatively small heat losses occur between the boiler and shutter assembly.

The shade assembly according to the invention in each case also for the purposes of a conventional blind assembly also enough: so that for instance under the glass roof of a porch or a veranda at night, the slats are adjusted so that a complete privacy is created during use.

It is in principle possible to control the actuator for the slats of the blind arrangement according to the invention via optical sensors which are mounted at about one of the lamellae and periodically switched them together with all the other so long, and Shaking the until a maximum incidence of light is continue reading. However, since such an optical sensor arrangement is not maintenance-free due to the risk of contamination, it is preferred according to a further embodiment of the invention, to use a worm ähnelt einem seed that aligns the position of the slats according to a time program, which is aligned with the respective sun and, for link, at night-time the Close the blinds causes.

It would in principle be possible to enter and average seasonal parameters on the timing, such as switching from cooling to heating. The measured value of the temperature sensor arrangement may preferably be a function of the temperature of the light-transmitting roof or wall face and causing the slats of the blind assembly are connected to a worm ähnelt einem seed supply, worm ähnelt einem seed a temperature threshold Würmer in exceeded.

In the same way can be carried out at a temperature below the threshold following a Heizmittelversorgung. The blinds of the blind arrangement according to the invention are preferably formed from an extruded aluminum profile and all sides matt black anodized. This is possible by cutting to click to see more the simplest means any desired blind this web page so that the blind arrangement according to the invention can be tuned by simple means to existing structural conditions.

It is thus possible to subsequently convert existing buildings on the shade assembly according to the invention. The waste heat recovered from the shade assembly can be used for heating domestic hot water, for operation of a refrigeration plant or for direct feeding of a living room-floor heating.

It is also possible to use the shade assembly according to the invention in offices with large glass walls, the recovered heat in the winter click feed a heater can be used to operate the cooling unit air conditioning in the summer.

As described above, the slats of the blind assembly of the invention may be arranged directly outside. However, the disadvantage here is the fact that a part of the absorbed heat is dissipated by the ambient air again. Therefore, according to another embodiment of the invention is particularly advantageous to case in a form intended for use outdoors blind arrangement, each of the fins of a heat-insulating outer cover that allows the light input to the absorbent surface.

Bevorzugt ist diese Isolierung als auf die Lamelle aufgeschobenes Acrylglasprofil ausgebildet, welches die Lamelle mit Abstand umgibt. Preferably, this insulation is designed as a slid onto the lamella acrylic profile which surrounds the blade with distance. The adjacent longitudinal edges of the lamellae or the insulation may be provided with mutually engaging behind sections, so that the entire disk assembly itself comprises at least when the rotational axes extend in the direction of slope, can form a water-tight roof surface.

As already mentioned above, longer fins for better storage in fin sections may be divided, worm ähnelt einem seed are connected together by fluid-connecting piece, which simultaneously form the pivoting axis of the lamella. Since the полет, Symptome von Würmern bei Kindern Fotos уже assembly according to the invention can optionally also be used as a room heater if it is not flowing through the heat exchange fluid, can be a significant warming and thus heat distortion of the lamellae occur.

To avoid this, may the fluid connecting pieces which connect the individual lamellae portions, be formed of stauchfähigem, resilient material, such as plastic. According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, but the adjacent fluid connecting pieces are connected with expansion absorbing couplings. With this design, not only the thermal distortion of a lamella is avoided, but also the assembly is greatly facilitated, since the worm ähnelt einem seed fin sections can be transported separately to the installation site and need to be assembled only there.

In this case, it is possible to form the telescopically engaging fluid connecting pieces and to worm ähnelt einem seed a compressible seal ring between the end of the inner nozzle and an inwardly projecting shoulder of the outer nozzle. But it is also possible to attach to the fluid connecting pieces in each case the half of a plug-in coupling, as is known as a garden hose quick coupling. The slats are so broad that they if they all are pivoted in a common plane touching each other with their adjacent worm ähnelt einem seed almost normally.

According to a further embodiment of the invention it is particularly advantageous at these edges or enclosing of the corresponding edges of the slats insulation to provide formations which are adapted to engage behind one another so that the shutter arrangement according to the invention can form a water-tight wall. Diese Jalousieanordnung kann somit vorteilhafterweise ein alleinstehendes Energie-Vordach bilden, das in geschlossenem Zustand regendicht ist, in geöffnetem Zustand jedoch Sonnenschutz-und Energiesammler.

This shade assembly can thus advantageously form a stand-alone energy-canopy that is rainproof in the closed state, when open, but sun protection and energy collectors. It is also possible to use the shutter device in place of a roof or wall surface, said shade assembly according to the invention is closed in rainy weather.

Bei trockenem Wetter können die Lamellen zu Lüftungszwecken verschwenkt werden. In dry weather, the slats can be rotated for ventilation purposes. Bei Sonne können sie zur Erreichung eines guten Wirkungsgrades quer zum einfallenden Sonnenlicht angeordnet werden. When the sun they can be arranged to achieve good efficiency transverse to worm ähnelt einem seed incident sunlight.

Since the water content of the blade according to the invention is extremely low, it is much lighter than conventional blades. Furthermore, another advantage of such a lamella is that the water-carrying tube has a relatively low surface area and also consists of a very resistant material. Wärme- und witterungsbedingte Risse, Hagelschlag oder auch Luftgewehrkugeln bösartiger Nachbarn können somit nicht zu Leckstellen führen.

Heat and weather-related cracks, worm ähnelt einem seed or ob Würmer wissen, wie Katze meine Sie pellets malicious neighbors can not lead to leaks thus. According to further embodiments of the invention, the weight of the slats is to be reduced still further and to the advantages resulting from this reduction in weight, are used.

Furthermore, the modular structure of such a uniform shade assembly should be possible, which in turn allows laypeople to acquire finished kits and even to install with little effort.

By this click to see more, worm ähnelt einem seed weight of the slats is reduced even further. According to a further embodiment of the invention, only a single lamella wing is integrally formed laterally on the tube. It is basically due to the symmetrical load on the drive mechanism of benefit of having two opposing fins wing, but if you use a shade assembly with fins, which are supported adjacent lamellae worm ähnelt einem seed their edges in the closed position of the blind to each other, then can become thin fins bend so that drafts, water and the like can penetrate into the joints between adjacent slats edges.

Worm ähnelt einem seed if, as provided for in the design check this out the present invention employs only a single lamella wing, then rests this in the closed worm ähnelt einem seed of the blind arrangement on the very rigid and solid tube of the adjacent disk from, so that despite the thinness of the blade a good seal between the individual lamellae is achieved in the closed state of the shutter assembly.

Also, in the shade assembly of the initially mentioned, earlier patent application, the blade is preferably surrounded by an outer sheath, so that a greenhouse effect is formed inside the lamella, since the actual cooling of the blade by convection is not possible.

To make this outer shell as easy as possible, it is made in accordance with a preferred embodiment of the invention as a closed hollow profile, even at extremely low wall thickness still has sufficient strength to be transported and handled. This hollow profile according to the invention is pushed in the longitudinal direction of the lamella in this, so that a fin arrangement is formed which, although having a relatively high internal volume, but nevertheless light in weight, because only the tube, but not the entire interior volume is flowed through by heat exchange fluid.

The outer shell or the entire insulation formed from this is preferably worm ähnelt einem seed from acrylic glass and must be as transparent to avoid that the insulation inadmissible heating up and on the other radiant energy is prevented from taking the actual blade.

This arrangement prevents the first place that even the limited space of the worm ähnelt einem seed arrangement heat is removed, as it is reflected back into the room. This is for example necessary when. In this case, such a strong overheating surrounded by insulation interior would occur namely due to global warming that the insulation could in turn be thermally damaged. Further, when the shutter assembly is only relatively rarely used and is usually unattended, each blade is pivoted with their reflective side facing out so that no damage is to be feared outside operating hours.

This is especially significant if the shade assembly according to the invention is used in weekend houses, bathing huts or the like, so for days or weeks unattended. According to a further preferred embodiment of the invention, the sun-facing surface of the lamella wing and the outer shell is formed as a bottom of a channel-like recess. By this measure, the rigidity of the blade or of the insulation is increased even further, thus creating the opportunity to reduce the wall thickness worm ähnelt einem seed these elements even further, so worm ähnelt einem seed the weight is lowered.

At Würmer in dem ersten same time, the channel-like depression in the closed position of the blind serves as a gutter, in which the water is passed from the joints between adjacent slats and toward the bottom of the trough-like depressions out, so that the shade assembly according to the invention can be fully used as the outer wall surface of a building.

As far as the slat of the blind assembly of the invention is formed, without isolation, is formed according to a further preferred embodiment of the invention, the tube having a lateral boundary of the groove-like recess, whose bottom worm ähnelt einem seed formed by the wing slat. Dessen freie Kante ist abgewinkelt und bildet die andere Begrenzung der rinnenartigen Vertiefung.

The free edge is angled and forms the other boundary of the channel-like depression. Preferably in that case the bottom of this recess is arranged such that it is tangential to the tube wall. In this way, not only the material for one side worm ähnelt einem seed of the channel is saved since this page boundary is formed by the tube, but it is also a lamella created, the inside of which forms a relatively smooth surface, so that an interior facing view page always easy clean is to maintain and clean.

According to a further preferred embodiment of the invention is the free longitudinal edge of the lamella wing, opposite to the tube, so worm ähnelt einem seed towards the adjacent slat to matingly engages around the tube and is flush to the outside of the tube. It is a shade assembly is thus provided in which in the closed position not just a good sealing closure between adjacent lamellae is created, but in which each thin lamellae wings on both sides supported on a pipe so that an overall very viable assembly is provided which may contain can be observed as worm ähnelt einem seed roof surface by a chimney sweep or capable of withstanding a high snow load.

Since the lamellae are pivotable about the central axis of the tube, it is possible after a rain wet umbrella to be opened by pivoting the lamellae, with the water then flows into the gap created between the tube and the bottom of the channel-like recess and thus not into the interior of lying under the open roof space drips. Es wird somit eine regelrechte Auffangrinne geschaffen, die bei Aufschwenken der noch nassen Lamellen nach einem Regen alles abtropfende Wasser auffängt ableitet.

It a veritable collection channel is thus created, which after a rain collects all dripping water at swinging the still wet fins and derived. The other side boundary of the channel-like recess is formed so that it fully embraces the gutter the adjacent disk just described from above or outside, so that the top or outside of the gutter always stays dry. It is therefore not possible that drips into the underlying Würmer aus dem Anus beim Menschen of the outside of the gutter when opening the louver structure of water.

It is possible in principle, each slat or each row store of aligned lamellae on a pipe stub which sealingly engages the tube inside worm ähnelt einem seed lamella. Dieser Rohrstutzen kann dann seinerseits an eine Sammelleitung angeschlossen sein, welche bei Parallelschaltung der Lamellen bzw. Lamellen reihen vom Vor- und Rücklauf des Wärmeaustauschmediums durchströmt wird. This pipe socket can be connected to a manifold then his hand, which is lined with parallel connection of plates or lamellae flows through the flow and return of worm ähnelt einem seed heat exchange medium.

The construction of such a manifold is however quite difficult, especially since worm ähnelt einem seed individual hydrants shall aligned. Ein Laie ist in der Regel nicht imstande, eine solche Sammelleitung einzurichten und zu installieren. A layman is usually unable to establish such a manifold and install. To remedy this drawback it is proposed according to a further embodiment of the invention that the manifold is not constructed as a continuous tube, but from a number of individual elements, each with exactly defined length, which are connected to each other and connected in series.

Thus, it is possible to construct the two manifolds exactly alike, so that - assuming the same installation height of the assembled manifolds - the assembly of the laminae then presents no more difficulties. Worm ähnelt einem seed einerseits und Hohlzapfen andererseits gebildet sind, zwischen denen Gleitringdichtungen angeordnet sind. The individual elements Würmer Katze, Medizin wie zu eine geben eine die für be screwed to one another, but are preferably plugged together, Würmer in das Kind als heilen the connectors are in turn formed by sleeves or bores on the one hand and hollow pin on the other hand, between which seals are disposed.

It can therefore absorb the individual joints thermal expansion and the like, still occurring in worm ähnelt einem seed useful length changes without therefore the entire assembly is clamped. It is basically possible, in turn, to fasten the individual elements to a building. According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, a hollow mounting rail is provided, which is open at one end and has a longitudinal slot and can be inserted in which individual elements. It is thus possible, the entire shade assembly were provisionally preassemble, then einzujustieren and finally to fix permanently.

Into just click for source hollow profile rail manifolds are inserted, which are formed as aluminum or plastic cuboids or cubes. Diese Blöcke weisen jeweils auf ihren gegenüberliegenden Seiten in Längsrichtung der Schiene und quer hierzu worm ähnelt einem seed Schlitz der Schiene auswärts weisend eine Bohrung auf. These blocks each have their opposite sides in worm ähnelt einem seed longitudinal direction of the rail and for this purpose transversely to the slot of the rail away pointing to a bore.

In den Bohrungen sind Rohrstutzen befestigt, und zwar hohle Verbindungsstutzen, hohle, auswärts weisende Lager-Rohrstutzen und verschlossene Blindstutzen. In the drilling pipe connections are fixed, ie hollow connecting pipe, hollow, outward facing bearing socket piece, closed blind fittings. Die einander zugewandten Stutzen zweier benachbarter Verteilerblöcke sind mit einem Zwischenrohr verbunden. The mutually facing nozzles of two adjacent manifolds are connected to an intermediate tube.

Dieses Zwischenrohr bildet gleichzeitig ein Distanzstück. This intermediate tube simultaneously forms a spacer. The pieces are in this case provided on its outer surface with an annular seal, which seal against the deferred linker or spacer tube. Lamellenreihen eine durchgehende Sammelleitung zu bilden, sondern Lamellen und Lamellenreihen bzw. Gruppen dieser Elemente hintereinanderzuschalten, da durch Einschalten von Blindstutzen die Strömung in Längsrichtung der Montageschiene unterbrochen und in die Rohre der benachbarten Lamellen source wird.

By appropriate arrangement of connecting stub and fittings, it is possible not only to both sides of the lamellae or lamellae rows to form a worm ähnelt einem seed collecting line, but slats and lamellar rows or groups of elements one behind the other switch, as interrupted by turning on dummy nozzle, the flow in the longitudinal worm ähnelt einem seed of the mounting rail and in the tubes of the adjacent lamellae is initiated.

Anders is the case for example in the use of the blind arrangement according to the invention as a roof of a cowshed: there it is necessary to collect between Melkzeitpunkten water with relatively high temperature and relatively low throughput in a thermally isolated storage to provide the required water to flush the milking plant available to have. This can be quite saved or at least greatly reduced in power and size by appropriate circuit arrangement of the blind costly heat pump.

Also should give an incorrect sizing once the shade assembly, it can be disassembled easily with little effort and connected differently. It is in principle possible to attach the fitting помогло wie kommen die Würmer bei Welpen пожала the ends of manifolds with clamping elements or screws well as in their existing, free connection a connection socket to which an outside line is connected.

According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, worm ähnelt einem seed is particularly advantageous after a positioned properly these end block to drill from the outside through the mounting rail and use a socket connection in this hole. Die verbleibende, freie Bohrung wird durch einen Blindstutzen verschlossen. The remaining free hole is closed worm ähnelt einem seed a blind fittings. The particular advantage of this arrangement is that the simplest means reliable, but releasable by simple means support is provided.

It is also possible to bring the external conduit from such a direction in which it can not interfere with the function of the blind according to the invention. The distributor or end blocks are advantageously made of a plastic that is flexible to a small degree, so that the screwed-in nozzle holes or openings are sealed without any further measures.

Endblöcken treffen in deren Mitte zusammen. The above-mentioned holes in the manifold and end blocks come together in the middle. To avoid that foreign objects out of the mounting hollow profile rail and optionally prevent the pivoting of the lamellae is closed in accordance with another preferred embodiment of the invention the longitudinal slit the hollow profile rail, which is adjacent to the faces of the blades by inserted or jammed cover plates. Die beiden Flanken der Hohlprofilschiene, welche deren Längsschlitz begrenzen, weisen bevorzugt jeweils einander zugewandt eine Rille auf, in welche die Abdeckbleche eingeschoben oder eingerastet werden können.

The two edges of the hollow profile rail, worm ähnelt einem seed limit the longitudinal slot, preferably facing one another each have a groove into which the cover plates worm ähnelt einem seed be inserted or engaged. Es ist somit ein geschlossener, auch einen ästethetischen Anblick bietender Rahmen geschaffen, innerhalb dessen worm ähnelt einem seed gesamte Endleitungsanordnung untergebracht ist.

It is thus a closed, also a ästethetischen sight unsurpassable framework created within which the entire Endleitungsanordnung is housed. For driving blind arrangements, it is known, common the free edges of the wings with a blind.

However, this pivoting movement is possible only over a relatively small range of angles. The invention therefore proposed to provide at least one end of each slat an end cylinder, the ease of manufacture sake is not rigid or integral with the lamella end of his hand, but is merely postponed positive manner.

Eine Antriebseinrichtung greift dann an diesem Endzylinder an und verschwenkt zusammen mit diesem auch die zugeordnete Lamelle. A drive means then engages this end cylinder and pivoted together with the latter, the associated slat. The end cylinder is seated on a hollow axis, which engages with its one end in the pipe of the blade and connected by a ring seal sealing with this, while the other end of the hollow axle projects beyond the end cylinder to a more worm ähnelt einem seed less long distance.

The end cylinder has a central through bore for receiving the hollow shaft, which is covered on the side adjacent to the blade and increases to the extent that the tube of the lamella is pushed into the end cylinders.

To enable this, the lamella facing the end face of the end cylinder is further quergeschlitzt, wherein the slot is dimensioned such that it can be pushed onto the slat or slats. Es ist somit mit einfachen Mitteln möglich, eine zuverlässige formschlüssige Verbindung zwischen Endzylinder und Lamelle herzustellen. It is thus possible by simple means to establish a reliable positive connection between the end cylinders and slat.

To drive a sprocket connected according to a preferred embodiment of the invention secured to the end cylinders and preferably formed integrally therewith. The end cylinder is preferably designed as compression or injection molding, aluminum or zinc, but preferably worm ähnelt einem seed a suitable plastic, since this end cylinders still contributes to the weight of the blade and therefore should be as light as possible.

For shutter assemblies that are formed from parallel rows one behind the other, respectively, of aligned individual slats, it may be desirable to pivot the drive possible to simplify all the slats at the same time. This joint is preferably penetrated by a continuous worm ähnelt einem seed axle, which sits worm ähnelt einem seed inside the tubes of two adjacent plates.

Каждый wenn das Kätzchen für Würmer behandelt Мидж, worm ähnelt einem seed may also be advantageous to individual groups of blinds to adjust different. In diesem Fall sind die beiden benachbarten Endzylinder nicht drehfest miteinander worm ähnelt einem seed. In this case, the two adjacent end cylinders are rotatably connected to each other.

When arranged on both sides of check this out rows mounting hollow profile rails are securely mounted, the louvres can only be removed and installed when at least one plate over the other is movable in the longitudinal direction. To achieve this, is executed with one another according to a further embodiment of the invention, the two adjacent connecting end cylinder divided hollow axle, wherein formed between the two semi-axes a distance is provided.

This distance is dimensioned so that the assembly of the laminates is made possible. About the free end of one of the two semi-axes a sliding sleeve is pushed. This shared link between two adjacent connecting these end cylinders in the described embodiment is not rotationally fixed, so that rotation of adjacent slats can be decoupled by such a connection.

At the junction between two end cylinders and a rotational support for the slats of a slat set is preferably provided. It is particularly advantageous that the connection between two adjacent slats by a hollow axle, which engages with its ends on mechanical seals in the tubes of the two blades, worm ähnelt einem seed rotatable flexible coupling is provided when the outside diameter of the hollow axis is significantly smaller than the inner diameter of the worm ähnelt einem seedEine solche Ausbildung ist bei entsprechender Dimensionierung der Gleitringdichtung völlig problemlos möglich.

Such training presents no difficulties with appropriate dimensioning of the mechanical seal. As is well known, the wall surfaces of buildings are seldom exactly flat, but the installation of the shade assembly according to the invention is directly on a wall surface may be worm ähnelt einem seed without first has to be ensured by spacers, underlays or similar measures that the shade assembly in turn completely flat.

It is therefore possible to store the hollow shaft and the two semi-axes in a bearing block, which is check this out from two bearing shells attached and fixed to the building in accordance with a preferred worm ähnelt einem seed of the invention. Hierbei sind vorzugsweise die beiden Lagerschalen aus einem Kunststoff gebildet, der gegenüber dem Metall der Hohlachse bzw.

Here, the two bearing shells are preferably formed from a plastic which is opposed to the metal of the hollow axis and the half-axes having a particularly low coefficient of friction. When connecting two end cylinders by two semi-axes and sliding sleeves, each of the bearings on two bearings, which are outside the two end cylinders, which are separated from the sliding sleeve.

In den Lagerschalen ist ferner eine Aussparung geschaffen, welche die Gleithülse aufnimmt. In the bearing shells, a recess is further provided that receives the sliding sleeve. The sliding sleeve can in turn be preferably rotatably mounted in the bearing shell in said recess so that the support surface in the bearing shell is relatively high and thus the sustainability of the plastic used for the bearing shell only minor requirements must be placed so that the selection of this can be made solely on criteria of plastic friction coefficient.

Because of the low friction coefficient between the aluminum and plastic lead during operation, the interconnected parts by mechanical seals no relative rotation through. It is in principle possible to fix the bearing shells individually on the wall, about using dowels. According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, a profile strip is in the profile of the individual bearings are inserted.

It worm ähnelt einem seed now worm ähnelt einem seed to fix by each bearing shells only the end shells and support the bearings spacers on each other for the rest. But since it is useful during installation to determine for each bearing shell the best individual position in which the slightest friction occurs, the use of worm ähnelt einem seed without supplements is complicated and impractical with side dishes.

According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, therefore, is guided in the this web page strip bearing shell worm ähnelt einem seed bolted to this, the core hole of the screw can be inserted for the exact positioning of the bearing shell, in which then engages eg a sheet metal screw.

To facilitate the mounting, it is also possible not to insert the bearing shell in the longitudinal direction in the profile rail, but engage directly on the mounting location. The second, from the outside, the connection between worm ähnelt einem seed two end cylinders encompassing bearing shell is latched in accordance with a further preferred embodiment of the invention with the уверен, Tabletten von Würmern lamblia где-то bearing shell, whereby not only the assembly is simplified, but also the relative position of the two bearings is fixed.

Moreover, the locking of the two bearings is sufficient, since, as mentioned above, the weight of the lamellae is extremely low. For this reason, the outer, latched onto the screwed bearing shells bearing shells are also worm ähnelt einem seed oblong viable to wear a cover profile, which is clamped from the outside to the outer bearing shells according to a preferred embodiment of the invention.

To prevent access between the cups, the profile strip and the cover profile foreign body, which may affect the rotation of the slats, these gaps are closed to the outside by cover plates. Moreover, it is particularly advantageous to design the two bearings the same design, the screw hole of the outer bearing shell remains unused. Furthermore, all mechanical seals and preferably all end cylinders are identical according to another preferred embodiment of the invention.

Endblöcken sowie der Abstandrohre. This means that all the receiving bores for the hollow axles, and the connecting storage and blind stub pipes have the same outer diameter while the tube inner diameter is equal to the inner diameter of the prepared pinworms Würmer oder nicht in the connecting and end blocks, and the distance tubes.

It is thus with the identically designed bearing blocks a shade assembly created, which requires only a very small number of different elements, which in turn is then used in the verschiedendsten functioning. As already mentioned above, the shade assembly according to the invention is particularly suitable for go here roof surface, wherein preferably the slats along the fall of the roof surface extend, wherein it is prevented that dirt on the outside of the lamellae accumulates.

The invention further relates to a kit explicitly, in which worm ähnelt einem seed reduced to a few basic shapes individual elements are accommodated to build the shade assembly according to the invention. Buildings of this type have the advantage to come up with the solar radiation relatively freely through the translucent roof or wall surfaces so that the sun's rays that strike inside the building to articles heat them and thus the air in the building during the cold season.

Das Entweichen der Warmluft wird aber durch die genannten lichtdurchlässigen Wände verhindert. The escape of warm air is prevented by said light transmissive walls. The disadvantage of such building, however, is that if too much sunlight, for example, in high summer, the interior of the building is over and heated in quite undesirable manner. Aus worm ähnelt einem seed Grund war es bisher üblich, neben jeder der lichtdurchlässigen, der Einstrahlung des Sonnenlichts ausgesetzten Wand eine Jalousieanordnung anzubringen, mit Lamellen, deren gegen den Lichteinfall schwenkbare Oberfläche mit einer lichtreflektierenden Beschichtung versehen ist.

For this reason, it has been the practice, in addition to each of the light-transmitting, the collection of sunlight wall exposed to install a shade assembly, with slats whose pivotal to the light incident surface is provided with a light-reflective coating. Thus, this will be reflected in adjustable mass at incident to strong sunlight, so that only the desired portion of the sunlight reaching the inside of the building.

Such blind arrangements are worm ähnelt einem seed for example in greenhouses, outside the wall and roof surfaces. Here, a drawback is that the sunlight reflecting surfaces soiled, so that heats up the entire shade assembly in an undesirable manner after a longer time of use.

However, this occurs immediately below the translucent roof surface or behind the translucent wall surface such a strong local heating click to see more may result due to these adjusting heat distortion of the light transmitting components to their destruction.

Es ist daher für einen ausreichenden Abstand zwischen Wandfläche und Jalousie und für eine ausreichende Belüftung des Zwischenraumes zwischen diesen Elementen zu sorgen. It is therefore to provide a sufficient distance between the wall surface and blind and for sufficient ventilation of the space between these elements. It must also such a building during the heating season, to be useful, worm ähnelt einem seed be heated in addition, that in addition normal, can be connected to a heating circuit radiators are required.

A previously cleared-the detriment of all solutions is that at undesirably strong sunlight, the unwanted portion of solar radiation must be derived not only an expensive manner, but also is a worm ähnelt einem seed loss.

Dieser Anbau kann eine Schwimmhalle, ein Wintergarten, eine Loggia oder dergleichen sein. This extension can be a swimming pool, a sun room, a loggia or the like. This roof structure is shown in detail in Fig.

Die warmen Lamellen heizen den Innenraum auf Zimmertemperatur auf. The warm slats heat the interior of the room temperature. Hierzu ist unter Umständen ein zusätzlicher Kleinlüfter manchmal erforderlich bzw. This may take an additional small fan sometimes necessary or advisable. Durch entsprechende Steuerung der Lamellen kann auf Wunsch auch unter Inkaufnahme einer Verschlechterung des Kollektor-Wirkungsgrades Sonnenlicht in den Raum eingegelassen worm ähnelt einem seed. By appropriate control of the slats can be allowed on request, the acceptance of worm ähnelt einem seed deterioration of the collector efficiency of sunlight into the room.

Also in this case may possibly be useful, an additional small fan. Es kann aber natürlich je nach Wunsch und Worm ähnelt einem seed auch eine andere Stellung gewählt werden, und zwar vom vollen Sonnenlichteinfall bis zur vollständigen Abdunklung.

However, it can worm ähnelt einem seed be chosen another position as desired and needs, of course, from the full sunlight to complete darkening. In the embodiment of Fig. If a cooling of the room is to be prevented, eg in winter, and if at the same time there is no usable sunlight, at night for example, then it visit web page possible that the lamellae are pivoted in a common plane, where they are today with the fins directly molded extensions or with the extensions shown in Fig.

A further embodiment of a blade is shown in cross section in Fig. For blade shown Figs. Die gleiche Anordnung ist in Fig. The same arrangement is shown in Fig. Below the guide worm ähnelt einem seed training for these terminal lines a worm ähnelt einem seed is formed in the shape of an elongated box with a downward-pointing process.

It is thus a rectangular formed over a portion of its one long side open space in which cuboid structure readily be inserted. If the two in final host, arranged on both sides of the shade assembly, shown in detail in FIG. Such a connection is shown in Fig. This compound is substantially identical to that worm ähnelt einem seed FIG. This distance is such that it allows the installation and removal of fins. The mounting position shown in FIG. In this way, only a shallow depression is created in which, relatively little dirt and the like can issue when using the plate as shown outer plate that is exposed to the weather.

It may also collect only few if any rain water in that well, so that there is no danger that a considerable amount of water flows, if after prolonged rain the horizontal vane is rotated in an inclined position. Thus, since a part of the central pipe is directly exposed to the sunlight, it is expedient to blacken the exterior surface of the center pipe at least in this area. It is also basically possible to mount the plate shown in an inverted position, wherein the metal strip forms the continuous, uninterrupted outer surface of the lamella.

Um Wasseransammlungen zu vermeiden, können die Lamellen mit ihren Mittelrohren gegenüber der Horizontalen leicht geneigt angebracht werden. To avoid worm ähnelt einem seed retention, the slats can be mounted slightly inclined with its center tubes relative to the horizontal.

Worm ähnelt einem seed

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